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Machine Shop Overview

Sheet Metal Fabricating of Franklin, Pennsylvania, has 19 regular welding booths set up for various sizes, shapes, and weld types. We work with steel, aluminum, and stainless steel using our have turntables, trunnions, overhead, and jib cranes.

Inspecting The Machine - Machine Shop

Machining Tools

Throughout our shops you will find many different Rolls. Some are CNC equipped, some are hand rolls, and vary in size. In addition, we have:

• 3 Bystronic™ CNC Lasers: a 4000w Laser with Rotary Axis
• 2 Brand New 4400w Lasers
• 3 CNC Brake Machines
• 13' Bed Length Bystronic 210 Ton Brake with 6-Axis Back Gauge
• 2 Amada™ CNC Turret Punch Press Machines
• AMADA EMK-3610NT, Featuring Automated Load and Unload Functionality


Along with MIG, TIG, robotic, and seam welding, we offer powder painting and wet painting applications. Review our specification for more production details.

Powder Painting

• Maximum Part Size: 34" Wide x 55" High x 8' Long
• Maximum Part Weight: 500 Pounds
• Continuous Flow Automatic Line, 5 Stage Washer, Dry Oven, Powder Coat and Cure Oven
• Gema Automatic Booth for High Volume Parts
• In-Line Deimco Manual Booth for Short Runs and Special Colors

Wet Paint

• Maximum Part Size: 108" Wide x 118" High x 12' Long
• Maximum Part Weigh: 5 Ton
• Three-Booth System Includes Wash, Paint, Bake Oven and Greco Manual Spray Paint System 

Contact us today to fabricate durable parts with our metal machining shop.