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Specialty Fabrication and Quality Powder Coating

Support your design team or be one altogether with Specialty Fabrication And Powder Coating in Franklin, Pennsylvania. Our experienced engineering team can easily troubleshoot your most intricate parts, assuring the product promotes structural integrity, and decreased cost through optimized material usage.

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Collaborative Engineering

Our engineers and draftspersons have extensive cad capabilities including 3d, solid modeling, and CAD/CAM offline programming. Support is provided for part design, cad drawings, DFM, concurrent and collaborative engineering, and early supplier involvement.

Quality Control

For your safety and satisfaction, we assure our quality and tolerances, with a very dedicated Quality Control division. We look towards the future to assure your parts are made correctly and consistently, that's why we use a VirtekQC™ Laser device. Able to record several-hundred points of reference per second, the Laser decreases average QC times, and eliminates all error. The laser measurement system pulls a scan of the parts in real time on an overlay of their CAD file, and uses histograms graphs and varying colors to distinguish tolerance throughout the part.

Contact us today to create .dxf computer files that also allow for accurate reverse engineering services.